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Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning everybody,

I hope you are all O.K and have enjoyed the lovely weather we have been havng!smiley

If you would like some extra things to have a go at then Purple Mash have weekly activities for the different age groups. 

Click below for the link.

Login details

username - children2

password - thythorn

Don't worry if it logs you on as a Year 2

If you go on the home page you will see on the right hand side that it says 'Featured' Scroll down to weekly activities and choose the correct age group. Here you will find a range of tasks for the children to have a go at , from comprehension activities,maths,grammar and topic activities. Choose a week and then you can work through each day for that week. Great for those children who would like extra things to do! 

Try and do the Joe Wicks PE lesson at some point today. It's good for your brain and your body!


Watch and listen to  another version of our text for this week, The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Then find out your tasks for today by looking below.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

English Tasks

Foundation Stage children- Talking and retelling stories is so important. I would like you to click on the pencil below and look at the story map. See if you can use it to retell the story in your own words to your grown-up. Grown-ups you could model this to begin with by pointing to the pictures and telling the story in your own words, this will help your child to then retell the story by themselves.

No writing is needed this is a speaking task. However if your child would like something extra to do they could draw a picture form the story and either write a dictated sentence or compose a their own sentence and write it


Year 1 and 2 children - Today you are going to take a page in your book and make your own story map for The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Both classes have made story maps before but if you have forgotten take a look below for some examples. Remember to think about the order that the events in the story happen. What happens at the beginning , the middle and how does the story end.Try and include some key words. Year 2 you could also include some different sentence starters .There are some word mats below to help too. 

For example

Once upon a time      Next    Just then     After a while     A few........later     Suddenly     Luckily      Finally       At that moment            One day

Year 1 and 2 story map examples.

Useful words - click to make bigger.

It's topic time!smiley

For this half term our topic is,

Amazing Australia!

This will be a topic that covers so many interesting and different areas from learning about the famous landmarks to the wonderful Australian animals. It will include art work and we will read some Australian stories too.

Think about what you already know about Australia and have a chat with your grown-up. 

Let's start our topic today by reading and following the two power points with a grown-up.

Click below to start.


A note for helpers -  this more applicable for Year 1 and 2 children

(EYFS children do not need to understand this but you still discuss where Australia etc.)

The children will probably have not heard of the term ‘Oceania’ but they probably will have heard of ‘Australia’. The short powerpoint below explains this clearly using maps but it is important to discuss this with your child. If you have a globe then this is really helpful in showing your child where Austalia is compared to where we live.Explain that there are many other island countries in this continent, including Australia’s neighbour, New Zealand.

Work through this powerpoint with your grown-up.

An introduction to our topic, Amazing Australia!

Amazing Australia


Make an Australian flag or print off the sheet to colour in. Click below

Look at the examples below.

Challenge - Can you find out what the different parts of the flag mean?

It's storytime . How many rhyming words can you hear?

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