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Foundation stage, Year 1 and Year 2.

Science activity - tin foil boat challenge.

All you need for this activity is some tin foil, a bowl or sink with some water and pennies or other cons could also be used.


How many 1p coins can your tin foil boat hold before it sinks?

The task is to make a boat out of tin foil and see how many coins it can hold before it sinks.

You could try different shapes, have a look at some ideas below. I wonder which shape boat holds the most coins?

To make it a fair test try and use the same amount of foil for each boat.

Amazing Australia

This week we are going to learn about some of the wonderful animals that live in Australia. Today we are going to start with a very unusual animal called a 'duck billed platypus'. It is often just called a  platypus.

Have a look at the videos about the platypus. The third video is a song which helps you learn about what these animals are like.

Once you have watched the videos there are a few diffferent tasks to choose from.

Year 2         (Year 1 you can do this also,  if you would like) 

Everyday you are going to take a page in your exercise book and make a fact file about the animal of the day. You need to have a title , a picture of the animal with some labels and at least 5 facts. You could use bullet points for each fact or write it as a paragraph of writing. 

You could include the animal's habitat , what it looks like , what it eats , what animal group it belongs to etc.

Look below to see how to draw a platypus and the labels that you can use.

A platypus fact sheet. It may help you with your writing Year 2 (1)

Mr Platypus | Song for kids

Platypus activities (all year groups)

Draw a platypus and label it. Use these pictures to help you.

Remember when you click on the picture it makes it bigger.

Click on the platypus lifecycle pictures and draw your own life cycle for the platypus. (Or you can print this off)


Click on the colouring sheet this can be printed off or you can ask an adult to draw an outline of platypus and then draw patterns inside the outline, like on the colouring sheet and make a colourful platypus!

Use these ideas to create some platypus artwork.

Story time , today's story is called , Oi duck billed platypus .


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