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Friday 15th

Hello Year 3. It's Mrs Brewster again! Here is our timetable for the day:
Click below to hear me talking through today's timetable:



First off try out this 3 times tables song from the Super Movers, you might find it useful to help you with some of today's questions!

Please follow the learning on the video below as normal. When you get to the questions (first 4) - pause the video to complete them using the sheet; you can add more drawings etc in your book or paper. Then check those 4 questions - some people have further questions to try with digit cards, so pause the video again to try those.



First of all we are going to have a quick spelling test of the words we looked at last week and you have been practising.  Click below to hear the spelling test.  

Here are the answers to the spelling test.  You can either get a grown up to mark them for you or you can mark them yourselves like we do in class.  Please don't change any of your answers, it doesn't matter if you have made a mistake as long as you have had a good try!
This week we are focusing on the following words:

Year 3 English 15.01.21

Select the adult that you would normally do your spelling test with in school for your spelling work:


►Quiet Reading

After lunch 15 minutes quiet reading of your own book please.



Hopefully last week you thought up some interesting questions about the Bible.  Let's see if we can find the answers to some of those questions today. First of all have a little look at this video which explains a bit more about the Bible:

You can also have a look at this presentation which includes lots of Bible facts, you may find some quite surprising!
Can you make a colourful Mind Map to show what you have learned about the Bible? You can add pictures as well.  You might want to link it to the questions you came up with last week.  If you didn't find out the answer yet today ask an adult if you can use the internet to find out the answer.  Here is an example of mine...



This week we are going back to our topic of keeping yourself safe online.  We have some SMART rules which you need to remember to keep yourself safe.  The first rule is something to do with the letter through this video lesson to understand what the S rule is all about...

At the end of the video lesson it has 3 challenges.  Choose one of those and have a go... I look forward to seeing how you get on! Next week we will look at what the M rule is all about!



The Enormous Crocodile Part II

Just for fun...

If you would like to make your own Enormous Crocodile hand puppet watch the video below.  If you do not have a sheet of green paper you could colour some paper in green yourself.

How to make a hand puppet from one sheet of paper




Have a great weekend!

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