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Today you will need to pause the video as you go along and answer the questions on your sheet.  There is then a task for you to do at the end using a dice.  If you do not have an actual dice you could use a virtual one.

Here are your spellings to learn this week:
Everyone is doing the same activities this week but working with the spelling list for your group.  You will need these spellings (listed above) in front of you, some paper, a pencil and some coloured pencils or pens.



Find a quiet spot to curl up quietly with your favourite book for 15 minutes.



This term we will be looking at what it means to be a Christian in Britain today and also the story of Easter.  First of all we are thinking about the place where Christians go to worship.  I explain today's task at the end of the video lesson.



This term we are thinking about our emotions or feelings.  This week start by watching this short video using the film Inside Out to help us think about how different situations can make us feel.

Feelings can be really tricky to explain.  Lots of children find it difficult to recognise different feelings in themselves or others or they cannot explain in words how they feel.  Look at these images are you feeling today? Can you try and make a cross face? What about a shocked face? Try making the different faces like the ones in the photographs.  You could use a mirror to see how you look or ask someone at home to try and guess the feeling you are showing!
Use some small pieces of paper to draw and label as many different feelings as you can think of.  Some feelings are comfortable feelings that make you feel ok.  Other feelings can be uncomfortable and not feel very nice.  Can you sort your feelings into the two groups? For example....





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