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Week beginning 29.11.21

Home Learning

Wednesday 1st December 2021


In maths today we are looking at multiplying numbers by 3! Give these worksheets a go! 





Today in English we are designing information leaflets about the Bronze Age! You could include facts about Bronze age homes, animals, jewellery, Stonehenge, jobs, food and artefacts.

When you have finished email me your information leaflet to look at!




Give this yoga video a go in your living room!


Thursday 2nd December 2021


In maths today we are recapping dividing by 5. Watch these Youtube videos and then give these worksheets a go!









In English we are looking at a book called 'The Wild' by Emily Hughes.

Click on the Youtube link below to listen to the book!



Draw a picture of the main character and label the picture with adjectives.

Then write a couple of sentences describing the girl using expanded noun phrases.


The girl had green, wavy and luxurious hair.

Her eyes were wide, brown and beautiful. 



In PSHE this week we are focussing on friendship and kindness.

Design a poster highlighting the different ways we can be a great friend!


Friday 3rd December 2021



Today we are looking at dividing by 3. Watch these Youtube videos below and then give the math worksheets a go.







Listen to the book 'The Wild' again by Emily Hughes.



Write a paragraph explaining whether you would like to live in the wild or not.


Consider things such as: the weather, food, activities etc. 



In topic this week we have continued learning about the Bronze Age and how the wheel was invented during this time period.


Using home resources could you design a vehicle with wheels?


Here are some examples below.






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