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Tues 12/1




Good Morning Year 1 smiley


 I hope you all had a fabulous day yesterday and managed to complete some super work with your grown-ups. I just wanted to mention, I am loving the beautiful pictures of your writing and PSHE from yesterday, some of you are trying so hard and I am very proud of you all! Look out for your amazing work in the gallery below! laugh





Revision of the 'ee' 'e_e 'ea' and 'e' sounds.


Can you write a list of 5 words for each sound?  Can you draw a picture to match each of the words?

Remember to save them so you can show Miss Martin later.



Today we are going to be looking in more detail at the characters from the story of Red Riding Hood. Miss Martin would like you to use your amazing adjectives (describing words) to think about the characters of, Red Riding Hood, Grannma, the Big Bad Wolf and the Wood cutter. Miss Marting has recorded a video explaining the worksheet and talking you through the task. 

Miss Martin explaining and modelling the task

Still image for this video





Today in our PSHE lesson we are going to be looking at how to cross the road safely and what we should do when we are going to cross the road. This is especially important on the way to and from school or even when you are crossing the road to go to the park and other places.


Today Miss Martin would like you to look through the powerpoint presentation with your grown-ups and then complete the cut and stick activity. There is also a song from an advert (from when MIss Martin was your age!) it is  about helping people to understand the dangers of crossing the road safely, and includes the slogan "Stop.Look.Listen.Live". Miss Martin has also recorded a video talking you through the worksheet should you need to have some help and guidance.

Road Safety worksheet explained and modelled by Miss Martin

Still image for this video



On a Tuesday afternoon, we usually take some time to allow the children some quiet reading time where they can choose to read any book they wish from the classroom or their own school reading books. Whilst this is happening the staff will change their reading books. Please allow your child some time this afternoon to sit quietly and enjoy a book they wish to read independenly.


If you have read all your reading books from school, you can read some phonetically decodable comics online.These can be found at Decodable comics ( or you could access the Oxford Owl website which is an ebook library where you can choose from the ages 4 - 7 or 7 - 9 for reading. You can log in by : 

username       best

password        class


Click here to take you to the website : Oxford Owl for School and Home



Today Miss Martin has chosen the tradtional tale of Goldy Locks and the Three bears to share with you today. Enjoy! laugh

Goldilocks and the three bears read by Miss Martin

Still image for this video

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