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All classes - Topic and other activities

Amazing Australia

Today in our English lessons we listened to an Aboriginal story.

Remember that the Aborigines were the first people to live in in Australia.

We call the first people to live in a place the indigenous people.

Below is a short video from Newsround which follows some Aboriginal children as they explain aspects of their culture.

This is more suited  for the Year 2 children , however the younger children may enjoy watching with an adult on hand to explain.

Music and dancing is very important to Aboriginal people and they use it to mark special occasions and as another way to tell stories about the land , animals and dreamtime. This is a dance about a kngaroo. 

Kangaroo Dance by some Aboriginal people. Can you dance like a kangaroo?

Aboriginal symbols

In traditional Aboriginal art , symbols are used to represent different things.

Click on the link below and look through the different symbols and what they mean.

Click here to look at the Aboriginal symbols

Here are some Aboriginal symbols made into a piece of artwork.

Activities to choose from

  • Copy the symbols from the PDF link carefully.
  • Make your own symbols for different animals , weather etc
  • Create your own symbol art work.
  • In the Newsround programme you saw a boomerang. Draw an outline of boomerang and use the symbols to create a design on it.

Science outside fun with a marshmallow shooter!

Watch the clip below to see what fun you can have!!


  1. Start by tying a knot in the bottom of the balloon.
  2. Cut the top tip of the balloon off.
  3. Cut the bottom of the plastic cup off.
  4. Stretch the open end of the balloon over the bottom of the plastic cup.
  5. Use the clear packing tape, to secure the balloon to the cup.



  • Distance Competition:  Test shooting one marshmallow at a time and see just how far and high the marshmallows  fly! 
  • Multiple Marshmallows: Try  loading a handful of marshmallows in the shooter at once and see what happens.
  • Shoot & Catch: Have fun shooting the marshmallows straight up into the sky and try to catch the marshmallow back in the cup (or  mouth) as they come down.

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