Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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1. Reading Comprehension

We are going to start with a reading comprehension task and then go onto some spelling and phonics work.

Click on the reading comprehension task below , you can answer the questions in your exercise book. The answers are on the last  sheet so when you have finished ask an adult to check your answers.

2. Year 2 spellings

Here are all the words for our test on Friday.

Make sure that you practise them everyday.

You could choose a few each day to practise.


after       again        any        climb      clothes        half       sugar     water  


3. Phonics

Last week we reminded ourselves of  silent g words , with the 'gn' sound.

Today we are recapping on the silent k , with the  'kn' sound.

Watch the short videos below , the first one covers different letters and the other two just look at 'kn'.

Then have a go at the kn task.

Silent Letters

Geraldine the Giraffe learns Silent k

Missing words. Copy the sentences and choose the correct kn word so that  the sentence makes sense.

knee        knot        know       knitted     knock      knuckles    knead


1. There was a loud ___________at the door.

2. I tied a __________in the string.

3. He fell over and hurt his _________.

4. I used some red wool and _________ a scarf.

5. Do you ________ how to add numbers?

6. Your ___________ are on your fingers.

7. She had to _________ the dough to make some bread.

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