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Thursday 4th March

Zoom session at 11am

Well - being focus smiley

How are you feeling about returning to school? Have you got any questions or anything you would like  me to know ? Or just feel like having a little chat? Then come along to the Zoom session today. You could even bring something to show me.

This can be one to one or as a group. Please be prepared to wait for a little while in the waiting room.

The link will be sent on Seesaw this morning.



Click on the details on class page week beginning 1st March for more information!



►Good morning and today's timetable

Good morning

The World Book Day Song.

Listen to the song below , it is very entertaining!

Challenge - How many different book characters are mentioned ?

Can you make a list of some them?



Starter - Get spinning!

Click the link below and it will take you to a spinner.

1 - Click on spin and see which number the arrow lands on.

That number is your answer , can you write an addition or subtraction or times tables where the answer is your number? 

See if you can do this at least 6 times.

If it lands on the same number , write a different calculation.


2 - Spin the spinner 3 times write each number down.

How quickly can you add the three numbers ?

Click the link below for the spinner.

2 - Watch the teaching video and then complete the questions.

Blue questions 1 to 6

Green all questions

Purple all questions and have a go at the challenge

Recognise a quarter


►English and topic

Today's lesson is topic and English.

1 - Follow Miss Shepherd's lesson and listen very carefully.

2 - Complete the jumbled up sentences task.

3 - Complete the online true or false quiz.



1. Follow the lesson about Amy Johnson with Miss Shepherd.

Year 2 English and topic lesson with Miss Shepherd

2. Complete one of the sentence tasks about Amy Johnson.

3. Click below and answer the true or false questions about Amy Johnson.

How many points out of 15 will you get?



New Recording - 03/03/2021, 19:45:54

World Book Day

How to make our mini book for World Book Day!

Click below for lots of Word Book Day ideas!



This continues on from yesterday's lesson.

Can you do the balances?



I really recommend that you watch this! It is very entertaining and funny !World Book Day's 10 Minute Story Sharing: The Twits by Roald Dahl.

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