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The Bad Tempered Ladybird meets many different animals in the story.


Talk about the different animals that you see and decide whether they live in England or abroad.


Sort the animals into categories of 'England' and 'Abroad'.


You could use the sequencing pictures below to cut and stick the animals into the categories in your book or alternatively draw pictures.



Today we are going to practise our sight words again.


Go to and login using the username march 20 and the password home.


Click on Resources and find Tricky Word Trucks.


Complete all games for phase 2 and 3 and note which words your child isn't recognising.


Write these on small pieces of paper and play a game:

Lay the words in front of your child so that they can see them all.

Practise reading the words together.

Then you say the words and your child finds them by pointing at them.

You could add some challenge by making it a race.



The Bad Tempered Ladybird meets animals of various weights.


Use the pictures below and ask your child which animals they think are heavy or light.


Then ask them to cut and stick the pictures in order from the heaviest to the lightest.



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