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Wednesday 19/01



This week we have been exploring WORLD RIVERS in topic. Yesterday we explored one river and you should have written draft notes about the river of your choice. How did you get on? 

Today and tomorrow you will present information and diagrams/illustrations about your chosen river in a FACT FILE

You are all brilliant at presenting work well and have better ideas than me about layout! But here are some features to consider in your layout:-

  • Main title 
  • Sub-titles 
  • Introduction
  • paragraphs and shorter sentences
  • Fronted adverbials e.g. Amazingly, Interestingly, 
  • key words 
  • bullet points 
  • labels for illustrations and maps 

Design & Technology

Last week we began to study and explore BRIDGES and how they are designed in different structures. 

This week we will start to create our own ideas of what type of bridge we want to actually design and make. 

You can recap the types of bridges by reading the PPT below...

Once you have read this, decide on one design that you would like to try and make. 

Design your bridge and label the bridge describing which materials you will use to make it. 

Remember you will want your bridge to have strength and be stable. 

HINT! triangles are a strong structure. 


Today we will recap 'what are homophones?' and explore some of them and their varied spellings. 

1. Watch the video from the link below.

2. Pause the video for 'there, they're and their' to write a sentence for each one. Compare the meaning to make sure you are right by watching the rest of the video.

3. Can you come up with 4 more pairs of homophones? e.g. hair and hare 



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