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Monday 4th May 2020

Guess who’s back!

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Good morning Year 4! 



Today's plan; 

Morning work -  TTRS 

Maths - Decimals

English - How to Train your Dragon 

Topic - Vikings! 

Story - David Walliams - FING 

PE with Joe Wicks 

Morning task 

Please log in to Times table Rock stars and spend 10-15 minutes to keep 'refreshing' your times table skills.  


Listen to chapters 8 and 9. 

Answer the questions about the chapter and then complete the task below. 


Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 8

Questions about Chapter 8: Training your Dragon the hard way

1.How does the book suggest one should train your dragon?

2. What does Hiccup try instead? Can you give an example of something he tries?

3. What is the name of Fishleg’s dragon?

4. What is the climate like in Berk in this chapter?

5. Why did Toothless stop pooing inside?

6. How do we know Toothless is not brave?

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 9

Questions about Chapter 9: Fear, Vanity and Silly Jokes 

1.Why is Horrorcow uninterested in fishing?

2. What is the most basic command?

3. Why won’t Toothless budge?

4. Which joke was so funny that Toothless decided it was worth fishing for?

5. What was the very good omen?

6. Which of Hiccup’s motivation ideas do you think would work on a dragon like Toothless?


Final task: You must be joking! 


Create a joke or funny story to make a dragon like Toothless laugh.

Use the joke sentence starters or create your own.

When writing a joke, good punctuation is essential to make the punch line really stand out.


Joke sentence starters:

Knock knock.……

A Viking walks into a……

What do you call a dragon with…

What do you get if you cross a….

How can you tell if a Viking is……..

Doctor Doctor my dragon…………..


Have fun and send me the best of your jokes! (I will post them for the class tomorrow!


As I have had a lot of positive feedback about the use of the powerpoint presentations for Maths, I have planned to continue to use this method going forward. 

Remember to read through the questions carefully and that it is okay to make a mistake! 


Today we are looking at decimals, they are really important as we use them in everyday life, money, measurements, time! 

Complete the powerpoint and then choose the option you would like to complete, I have added an extension (it is completely optional and you do not have to complete it) 



We have learnt that Anglo-Saxons were made of three groups of people, the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes. They settled in England and created the 7 Kingdoms of Britain. 


However, they were often raided by Vikings, who came to steal resources before returning home... 


Today I would like you to watch the BBC clip about the Vikings and then create a Viking shield! 
I have including some examples of Viking shields, a template if you want to use it or you can get creative and make one in a unique way... (e.g. lego, junk model, using card etc.) 

Life in the Time of the Vikings | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Life in Viking Britain is shown through the eyes of a family, with an exploration of the reasons for Vikings coming to Britain. ...

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