Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Friday 3.12.21

Morning work:

On a piece of paper, can you practice all your numbers to 20? If that's too easy, can you write your numbers to 30? 



Today in phonics we are going to be looking at Year 1 sight words (tricky words). Please watch the video below and write down on a piece of paper how many you can remember. 


Today we are focusig on the instructions on how we made bread in class yesterday. Today we are going to talk about what we did, how we did it and what happened. We are also going to cut out the pictures below and sequence them in our books ready for writing on Monday.


Today in Maths we are going to be looking at tens and ones from 0 to 20. we are going to be completing the sheet below in class and using tens and ones to help us, at home you could use something such as spaghetti sticks to represent the 10's and pasta to represent the ones.

Golden time 


On a Friday afternoon in Year 1 we have GOLDEN TIME! 

Play, be creative, make things, dress up, tell jokes and let your imagination run wild.

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