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Fri 15/1

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Year 5 – Friday 15th  January 2021

Morning starter



20 mins independent reading







PE circuits warm up

Mental Maths warm up


Multiply 4 digits by 2 digits

Co-ordinating conjunctions (Greater Bulldog Bat)



Stig of the Dump Chapter 7


Friday slide

Friday flashback quiz


Hello to you all - it's Friday! 

You have all done an amazing job this week, whether at home or in school.  I have loved seeing pictures of Science experiments, your thoughtful verse about the importance of love and your river mosaics.  Let's finish the week on a high note.  Today we are completing our Multiplication work, ready for the inverse next week, and in English we are learning about co-ordinating conjunctions from a clip about a Greater Bulldog Bat.

A gallery of yesterday's work.


► PE warm up

This week I have completed 3 workouts at home and a zoom ballet lesson.  Although I had to push myself to join in/do these, the feeling afterwards was a great sense of achievement and my mind and body really felt refreshed.

Work through the following circuits and get you mind and body ready for the day.  At 4 minutes the instructor demonstrates step up - please do not do them on a chair as he does!  You could use your bottom step on the staircase much more safely.

6 MORE P.E Fitness Circuit activities




    ► Mental starter

Mrs Dunford gives some more examples

Multiply up to a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number

Blue level Maths-  Complete Q's 1-4

Green level Maths - Complete All Questions 

Purple level Maths - an extra challenge below after you have completed the main sheet

Mrs Dunford explains the worksheet




We are going to use the Natural Curriculum this week again for our grammar learning.  Please click on the link to the website to access the clip and the learning tabs (don't try and click in my explanation video).

Mrs Dunford explains the Co ordinating conjunctions work.

Blue level -  Complete up to end of tab 3 (whiteboard challenges)

Green level - Complete tab 3 and choose an activity from tab 4 (writing ideas) 

Purple level - as green but please choose an extra challenge from tab 4



Stig of the Dump - Chapter 7 (part 1)


► Grammar slide


► It's quiz time!



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