Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Today we are learning about the Arctic Circle, where polar bears live.


Watch the video below and then talk about what the children learnt about the Arctic.


Create a fact file together.

The Girl Who Went to the North Pole | Fascinating Facts about the Arctic | Twinkl



Today we are working on our reading skills.


Go to the link below and then select CVC from the options menu.


Explain that a question is a sentence that is asking something or wants to find something out and we use a question mark instead of a full stop. Show the question mark on the first question and practise drawing it in the air with the children.


Read the questions together and ask the child thumbs up for true, thumbs down for false.



Today we are thinking about comparing by height and length.


Talk to the children about the meaning of longer/taller/shorter (longer applies to how long something is horizontally, taller is vertically but shorter applies to both.)


Have different items to compare by length, using the sentence "the ____ is longer and the ____is shorter."


Then ask two children to come to the front and encourage the children to compare them by height, "______is taller and _______is shorter."

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