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Friday 1st May

Look. It has grown a bit more!

Hello Year 2! It's Friday!

smileyStart the day with supermovers!

yesWatch and join in with the video below by clicking on the link below.


1. Spelling - Ask a grown-up to test you one more time on the spellings for this week. How many can you spell correctly?


 child     children    because     poor   floor    door   find   kind    mind        behind



2. Handwriting - Complete page 27 in the handwriting booklet. Remember we trace the word and then we copy it 3 times. Using our best handwriting.


3. All about instructions  - Watch the video below. It is all about following a recipe which are a type of  instructions. No writing today! But I would like you to talk about the different steps that Stefan does when he is making the chocolate head.Look out for the bossy verbs and other features that you might recognise.

Maybe you could follow a different recipe with a grown-up over the weekend.


Writing instructions with Stefan Gates | English - Facts about Non-Fiction

Suitable for 5-14s. TV chef Stefan Gates uses a cake recipe to outline how to write a set of instructions. From a series of BBC clips teaching key writing sk...



Practise saying your two times tables by clicking on the link below and joining in. 

Maths -   Main part of lesson

Today we are going to continue with some division work. We are going to look at dividing by 2 and look at how divsion and multiplication are inverse operations  , and how they are closely related.

I have put some pictures below for you to follow whilst I speak on the voice clip so before you start follow the pictures with me.

Click on the voice clip and follow the pictures.


Listen and follow the pictures for the maths lesson.

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Maths Questions. Remember you can click on the picture to make it bigger.

Challenge. Discuss your thinking with an adult. Can you write anything down or show a picture to help explain your thinking?


Every Friday we have a geography lesson using the BBC clips daily lessons. This week it is all about France.

You might have been to France or already know some facts about France.

Click below to watch the lesson. There are a few different parts so scroll down for the next part.


Take a page in your book and write the heading France

You can use bubble writing and colour it in.

Then make a fact sheet all about France thinking about what you have found out. You can draw pictures too.

Look at my example's not finished but gives you an idea on how to start and set your work out.


Every Friday we have Golden Time this is when we have time to choose what we would like to do. It's a bit different at home but spend some time playing with you favourite toys , maybe make something out of junk , spend some time colouring and drawing or if it's not raining do something outside.smileysmileysmiley

It's time for our story.

The rest of chapter 12 and some of chapter 13 of James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl.

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