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Tuesday 5th May

Good Morning Year 2 .Wake up with our school assembly song .

Hi Year 2

Just to let you know that if you used the maths answer sheet yesterday it had a mistake on it! Did you notice?

It was question 5b where it should have the greater than sign as 50p is greater than 40p.The answer sheets come with the question sheets so in the future I'll have to check that they are correct!

Thought you'd like to see my science work from yesterday. Look at my photos below.

My paper towel science photos.


Part 1

Year 2 spellings Yesterday we started practising three Year 2 words. Today I've added three more words. They  have the letters  ea  to make the long 'a' sound. Practise today's words and then go over Monday's words. Remember we are going to have a test at the end of the week.

Monday              Today

should                break

would                 great

could                 steak



Today we are going to recap on adjectives. Remember an adjective is a word that describes something. Adjectives can include words that describe what something looks like and what it feels like to touch, taste or smell. Adjectives can be colours or words that describe temperatures and sizes.

Click on the link below to have reminder about adjectives.


Adjective  Task

Copy the sentences into your book and underline the describing adjectives. I've done the first one for you. There might be more than one adjective , so think carefully! Click on the star for the answers.


1. We walked through the deep snow.


2. The man was wearing spotty shorts.


3. I found a heavy parcel on my doorstep.


4.The tiger had sharp claws and pointy teeth.


5. I ran across the muddy field and through the long, green  grass.


6. The enormous beanstalk reached the fluffy clouds.


7. I had cold hands and a red nose.


8. The young child had a blue bike.


Part 2

Today I would like you to listen and follow chapter 2 of James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl. Ask a grown up to find the right place in the story  below and stop when you get to chapter 3. It should take a few minutes. As you are listening think about the way that Roald Dahl describes the Aunts. See if you recognise the different adjectives  that are used to describe them.


Write the headings Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker at the top of  your page.

Then see if you can pick out the key words that describe what they are like. You don't need full sentences.Try and find at least 5 more things about each Aunt. You could ask a grown-up to pause the story so that you can look at the text.

Look below to see how to set it out, I've made a start for you.

Aunt Sponge                                                Aunt Spiker

fat                                                                  lean




Watch the two videos below all about money.


Practise writing the pound sign   £

Remember we write this sign before the number.


Ten pounds    =  £10


UK Coins Explained for Kids

UK Notes Explained for Kids

Have a go at the questions below in your exercise book.

They are all about £1 and £2 coins and different notes.

If you need a bit of help before you start then click on the voice clip.


Printable version of questions for those with a printer.

Extra help - for those of you who would like a few tips on the questions before you start click on the voice clip below.


Click on the link below and read through the powerpoint about plants. This goes over some of things that you should already know such as what plants need to grow, and it introduces the new words pollen and pollination.


After reading through the powerpoint discuss with your grown-up what you think these words mean.



Click on the powerpoint and read the information.

A very simple animation that shows bess taking pollen from one flower to another.


Can you use your design and technology skills from Year 1 to make a moving picture with a slider to show how a bee takes pollen from one flower to another flower ?

Look at my example below and this will remind you what to do.

All you will need is some pens , paper , scissors and glue or sellotape.


Look at my pictures to remind you how to make a moving picture with a slider.

Time for our story James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl. The rest of chapter 14 and chapter 15.

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