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 We are going to write a diary about our week , day by day.

First you need to read through the PowerPoint with an adult which explains the features of a diary and what you should include.

Click below for the PowerPoint.

Key Stage 1 - Writing a diary

To start our writing we are going to write the first part of our diary. We are going to write about yesterday , Sunday. 

Your heading will be

Sunday 28th June


Think about some of the things that you did and how you felt. Remember to make it interesting ! You need to write about 6 to 8 sentences and draw a picture. Then we will carry on with our writing tomorrow.

Read my example below.


Sunday 28th June

I had a very relaxing day and spent a lot of time in my house. First I went downstairs in my blue spotty pyjamas and had a delicious breakfast of egg, bacon,sausages and beans. Then I watched a funny programme on the TV with my cat snuggled up on my lap. In the afternoon I decided to make a chocolate cake with chocolate icing on the top. Next I went outside in the garden and mowed the lawn because the grass had got very long. It was very windy but I still managed to do it quickly. I was very happy because it made my garden look much better. In the evening I filled my bath with bubbly water and enjoyed a long soak. I then read a chapter of my Harry Potter book and went sleep at about nine o'clock. A lovely , peacful day!




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