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1- Practise your spellings for this week.

Here are all the words for our test on Friday.

Make sure that you practise them everyday.


after       again        any        climb      clothes        half       sugar     water



Yesterday we started to recap possessive apostrophes.

Today we are going to do some more work on this.

Below is a short lesson by a Year 2 teacher.

Don't worry when the teacher says there is a quiz for you to do at the end , you are going to have a go at the activity after the video.

Year 2: Possessive Apostrophes

Can you put in the apostrophe and put in a missing word?

Example - Mrs Ralph's office

Miss Shepherd s   _________

Mrs Archibald s   ___________

Miss Martin  s   ____________

Mr Kinally s     _____________

Mr Clarke s    ____________  

Mrs Boyd s    ____________  

Mr Smyton s ____________

Mrs Bevin s  ____________ 


3. Learn the poem

In Year 2 we have to learn poems that we can recite , this means that we can say them off by heart without reading them,  so we have to memorise them . Below is a short poem for you to start to learn. How long will it take you to learn the poem?

Over the next few days the poem will be shown on the English section of our work so that you can continue to practise reading and learning it. Send me an email when you have learnt the poem off by heart.

You can even record yourself  saying it and email it to me!  (I use an app on my phone called Mp3 Recorder)


Click on the poem to make it bigger.

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