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Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh:



  • Occupation: Artist, Painter
  • Born: March 30, 1853 in Zundert, Netherlands
  • Died: July 29, 1890 in Auvers-sur-Oise, France age 37
  • Famous works: Starry Night, The Bedroom, Irises, Sunflowers
  • Style/Period: Post-impressionist, Modern Art


Interesting Facts about Vincent van Gogh

  • He would get so obsessed with painting that he often wouldn't eat. He had poor health as a result.
  • Van Gogh was influenced by Japanese prints and woodcuts which he studied intensely.
  • Some people think that he may have only sold one work during his lifetime. It was called The Red Vineyard.
  • His brother Theo died six months after Vincent and was buried next to him.
  • In some of his self portraits his ear is bandaged from when he cut it. It looks like his right ear in the pictures because he was using a mirror to paint himself.
  • You can see the painting Starry Night at the New York Museum of Modern Art.


Van Gogh’s paintings of Sunflowers are among his most famous. He did them in Arles, in the south of France, in 1888 and 1889. Vincent painted a total of five large canvases with sunflowers in a vase, with three shades of yellow ‘and nothing else’. In this way, he demonstrated that it was possible to create an image with numerous variations of a single colour, without any loss of eloquence.

The sunflower paintings had a special significance for Van Gogh: they communicated ‘gratitude’, he wrote. He hung the first two in the room of his friend, the painter Paul Gauguin, who came to live with him for a while in the Yellow House. Gauguin was impressed by the sunflowers, which he thought were ‘completely Vincent’. Van Gogh had already painted a new version during his friend’s stay and Gauguin later asked for one as a gift, which Vincent was reluctant to give him. He later produced two loose copies, however, one of which is now in the Van Gogh Museum.



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