Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Tuesday 9th March



1 - Read a book for at least 15 minutes today.

2- Complete the reading comprehension task. Read the text and answer the questions. Click below for the task.


1. Starter - join in with the Supermovers click the link.

2- Main - watch the teaching video and complete the maths questions.


Today is lesson 2 in the sequnce of English lessons.

Click the link below.


Login details for purple mash.

username - children2

password - thythorn


1 - click on tools

2 - scroll down and click on 'Music and Sound'

3 -  Click on 2sound and explore.

4 - Click on 2beat and explore.

To find out how to use each of these you can click on the icon , which is pictured below , when you are on 2sound or 2beat in the right hand corner of the screen and you will see and hear an explanation.





We've been learning about animals and habitats.

Today we are finding out about vertebrates and invertebrates.

Click below and follow the lesson.


Listen to Chapter 2 of Mr Majeika and try and follow the text as the story is read aloud.

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