Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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School Values

Our School Values are based upon a set of school rules which are drawn up with the children; these rules are regularly revisited and reviewed. They are at the heart of our behavioural system, which is  reviewed on a yearly basis. We encourage children to gain ownership of what is right and wrong within their learning environment.  


Being part of a richly multicultural county means we value teaching our children empathy, tolerance and above all, a kind approach to their peers. We welcome the children's suggestions for improvements in our school, through sharing our values in assemblies and class on a regular basis. Thythorn takes great pride in the comments and appreciation we get from visitors and parents, who recognise the values within the behaviour of the children. 

At Thythorn Field we operate an open door policy.  If you have any concerns regarding your child and/or their education, please do not hesitate to contact the school and we will endeavour to guide you in the matter.

Our School Ethos:

Working and learning together to achieve our full potential. 'Be the best version of you.'


Our School Aims to:

  • PROVIDE a happy, secure and caring environment where children have equal opportunities to achieve their full potential.
  • DEVELOP children's independence, self-esteem, resilience and respect for others.
  • STRIVE for high quality learning and teaching strategies that are continually being developed to give everyone the opportunity to succeed.
  • OFFER a vibrant and modern curriculum which seeks to develop the whole child through recognition that all areas are important.
  • PROMOTE learning through praise and encouragement.
  • WORK in close partnership with our whole school community and value everyone's contributions equally.


Thythorn Field Primary School's Written Statement of Behaviour Principles:

  • Every pupil understands they have the right to feel safe, valued and respected, and learn free from the disruption of others
  • All pupils, staff and visitors are free from any form of discrimination
  • Staff and volunteers set an excellent example to pupils at all times
  • Rewards, sanctions and reasonable force are used consistently by staff, in line with the Behaviour Policy
  • The Behaviour Policy is understood by pupils and staff
  • The Exclusions Policy explains that exclusions will only be used as a last resort, and outlines the processes involved in permanent and fixed-term exclusions
  • Pupils are helped to take responsibility for their actions
  • Families are involved in behaviour incidents to foster good relationships between the school and pupils' home life
  • The Governing board also emphasises that violence or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated in any circumstances


This written statement of behaviour principles is reviewed and approved by the full governing body annually.

School Updates