Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Today we are thinking about different seasons.

Watch the video below about different seasons and talk to your child about their favourite season.

Ask them why they enjoy this season and the types of activities and events happen at different times of year. 

Ask them to write and complete the sentence 'I like _______ because...' to explain their preference.

Seasons in Earth - video for kids

Learn about Seasons For more videos go to: Stay tuned for more videos. Thank you



Today we are learning the sound 'air'. Please find the video on Tapestry and use the suggested words to practise reading and writing.



This week we are learning about money. 


Show you child examples of different coins up to 20p, then mix them up and see if they can recognise them.

Talk to them about the colour, shape and size and what money is used for.

Draw pictures of each coin with your child and place them around your home. Play a game where you call out the amounts and they run to the correct coin.

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