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Friday 3rd April 2020

Good Morning Year 4

Missing me...? Well click on the audio file to hear me :)

Friday 3rd April 


Today marks the end of the Spring Term! 

I appreciate that the last two weeks have been strange and challenging at times for us all. 

Thank you for bearing with me and working so hard Year 4, I am so proud of you all... 


For today, I have come up with some fun and interesting lessons (I hope!) so please look at the plan for today; 

Spellings - test 

Maths - challenge 

English - Cinderella story 

Topic - What have you learnt this term 

GOLDEN TIME - Free time 

Story time - No No Noe - World's Worse Children 2 by David Walliams (


I am curious to know who is still starting their day with the Joe Wicks workouts and ending it with a diary entry? 


My diary entry today (Thursday) would say, 

'Dear diary, 

Today at Thythorn would have been Egyptian day! I had so many plans for it. I know the children would have looked incredible dressed up... It also would have been our first exhibition, I will have to make sure we do one soon, although, the photo updates kinda work like that for me. I'm seeing what the children are doing at home. I have to say, I am so proud of them all and how hard they have been working.' 

Spelling test 


Please test your child on their group words. 

Miss Kaur's spelling group words

1. natural

2. naughty

3. notice

4. occasion

5. occasionally

6. often

7. opposite

8. ordinary


Mr Hill's spelling group words 

1. where

2. there

3. here

4. were

5. fear 

6. near


I have set new spellings for over the Easter holidays 

Miss Kaur's spelling group words 

All with the 'sc' sound 

  1. science

  2. scene

  3. abscess

  4. scissors

  5. ascend

  6. scented

  7. descend

  8. crescent


Mr Hill's spelling group

  1. Beautiful
  2. Half
  3. Sugar
  4. Wild
  5. Parents
  6. Everybody 


Maths starter 


You need a piece of paper and a pen/pencil.

This is a 15 questions in 5 minutes challenge. Can you complete all these in 5 minutes or less. Use the timer below and then get a grown-up to check. Do you have a grown-up to race? You could then check each others!:
Write down a 4  digit number - start the timer and race to answer these:

1) What number comes after it?

2) Is it odd or even?

3) What number is 2 before it?

4) Add 10 to the number

5) Subtract 10 from the number

6) Write the number in words

7) Take 100 off the number

8) What is the sum of the digits? (eg 2453 = 2+4+5+3)

9) Is the number greater or less than 5000?

10) Can you halve the number?

11) Partition the number (eg 2453 = 2000+400+50+3)

12) Can you double the number?

13) Add 1000 to the number

14) Is your number a multiple of 5?

15) Multiply your number by 1 then by 0

5 Minute Mission Impossible Countdown Timer

This Mission Impossible countdown timer is a perfect for any classroom or homeschool teacher. They could use it for a classroom activity or use this 5 minute...


Today I am setting you a choice of different challenges to choose which you would like to complete... 


1. Always, Sometimes or Never 

Using your knowledge of multiplication and division, I would like you to reason if the statements given are always, sometimes or never true. But remember you must give a clear reason why it is always, sometimes or never true. 

e.g. two odd numbers always makes an even number. 

This is always true, as an odd plus an odd number always makes a even number, for example, 1 + 3 = 4 and 123 + 829 = 952 


2. A square of numbers

Can you put the numbers 1 to 8 into the circles so that the four calculations are correct?

(This one is VERY challenging) 


3. Can you make 100? 

How many ways can you find to put operation signs (+, −, ×, ÷) between the digits make 100?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 = 100

(I wonder how this will go... Good luck!) 


4. Multiplication Square Jigsaw

Can you put the multiplication square back together again (printing and sticking required) 




Today I would like you to write your Cinderella Story. 


I've included our success criteria to remind you what I would ask you to include in your writing... 

  • Open with a clear story opening, once upon a time/ once there was/long ago…  
  • Introduce the setting and main character
  • Write in first person (I/we) or third person (he/she/they)
  • A problem or dilemma that needs to be overcome.
  • Having a ‘fairy godparent’ figure that helps overcome the problem
  • Include a happily ever after and clear ending.

Use punctuation correctly, including;

  • Capital letters at the beginning of each sentence.
  • Commas to show greater information or lists.  
  • Inverted commas used to show speech between characters
  • Full stops to show the end of the sentence
  • Exclamation or question marks used to show how it was said.
  • Ellipsis (…) used to create suspense in the story
  • A line space between each paragraph.
  • Include adventurous vocabulary choices in my story (e.g. colossal, marooned, majestic)
  • Use of adverbials or fronted adverbials to add more detail to the sentence (e.g. Suddenly, the boy walked off. Without a sound, the girl jumped off the wall)
  • Include noun phrase or expanded noun phrase for more detailed description of places/people (e.g. the tall, dark tunnel/ the short, wide tent with spikey poles)
  • Use wider conjunctions to add more detail to the sentence. (e.g. so, however, although)
  • BONUS: Include adverbs to describe the verb. (E.g. slowly)



Click the audio to find out what I have planned for our lesson today...

For this lesson I would like you to create a mind map/thought map which shows all that you have learnt from our topic Egyptian Settlers. 


Remember we have learnt; 

  • Settling 
  • Defining needs and wants 
  • Where to settle 
  • Food 
  • Farming 
  • Rivers/River Nile 
  • Pyramids
  • Pharaohs and Gods/Goddesses
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Daily lives of Ancient Egyptians 


I want you to show this in whichever way you want, and have fun doing so! 

Golden Time 


In school, when golden time is given, the children have 30 minutes to play. 

Often we will give the children a choice of playing outside, construction based toys, colouring, film choice and so on. It is a time to play but NOT for screen time. 


I would love for the children to have a chance to be creative and build or make something cool and unusual! Please have fun :) 



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