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Today we are doing music with Mrs Timson. Practise the song Hot Cross Buns (I have attached a video below) and get your child to sing along. Can they sig it by themselves? I would love to see a video on Tapestry!

Phonics: Today we are thinking about real and monster (fake) words. Complete the phonics sheet dated 02/04/2020 and ask your child to read the words and identify if they are real or fake. Choose two colours to colours the boxes so that we can tell the difference.

Maths: Today we are learning about 3d shape properties. Describe the shapes using the clues dated 02/04/2020 and ask the child to point to the shape that matches the description. You can also complete the 3d shape colouring sheet below. Encourage your child to talk about the what 2d shape faces they can see on the 3d shapes.

3d shape recognising and colouring

Hot Cross Buns | Nursery Rhymes | Super Simple Songs

See if you can learn this song. You could even bake some hot cross buns of your own!

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