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TUES 23rd



Today we are learning the new sound 'ai'.


Watch the video below and then go to and login using the username ThythornEYFS and the password EYFS.


Go to Phase 3 and click on Buried Treasure. Select Phase 3 and then click on 'ai'. Ask your child to read the words and say whether they are real or fake.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ai/



Today we are going to be learning about adding and subtracting 2.


Watch the Numberblocks video below and then provide your child with toys or blocks to answer the following questions.


1+2 =

2+2 = 

3+2 = 

4+2 =

5+2 =

6+2 =

7+2 = 

8+2 =




9-2 = 

8-2 = 

7-2 = 

6-2 = 

5-2 = 

4-2 = 

3-2 = 

2-2 = 


Why can't we do 1-2?


Ask your child to explain their thinking behind why we can't do 1-2.



Today we are learning about African Elephants.


Watch the video below and talk to your child about what they have learnt.


Then either print out the sheet below to label the elephant or ask your child to draw an elephant and then label the body parts with their own writing.

Elephants 101 | Nat Geo Wild

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