Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Week 4 - Home learning photos. Super!

Skittle patterns. Well done!
VE day invitations.
Posting invitations.
Too cold to camp outside!
Remington's France poster.
Working hard Remington.
Lots of division work!
Good instructions Remington.
Great skittle work!
Yum! This tastes good!
A great France poster Hollie. Well Done!
Super spelling Hollie!
Busy weaving.
Wow! Great weaving.
Milo the kitten.
Posting 100th birthday cards to Captain Tom.
Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom.
Poppy's life cycle of a plant.
Trying hard with division work Poppy.Well done!
More division working out by Poppy.
Where have all those teeth gone?
SKittles fun.
Great skittle work!
Fun in the sun!
Poppy's carrot tops.
There's a mermaid in the bath!
George's carrot tops are really growing!
George's brilliant skittle pattern!
Super weaving.
Great instructional writing.
A new pet kitten , lovely!
Virtual roller coaster ride at Disneyland!
A briliant labelled life cycle by Matilda.
A great skittle pattern!
Busy dividing by grouping.
Arielle's carrot tops.
Making cakes. Delicious!
Out in the countryside.
Hard at work!
Arielle's amazing story!
Arielle's story.
More of Arielle's story!
Lovely handwriting Arielle.
Hollie's skittle work.
Skye's skittles all arranged.
A lovely pattern Skye!
Let's learn our colours too!
Great maths!
Serenade's painted stones.
Mark's skittle arrangement.
WOW! Mark's pattern.
Virtual St.George's Day parade!
Hollie's super skittle pattern.
Dobby the rabbit! so cute!
Paddling in the stream.
Division work.
Climbing trees.
Skittle science!
What a great pattern Tabitha.
Amelia's skittle work! So pretty.
Hollie's life cycle of a plant. Very careful.
Wow! Hollie's carrot top has grown more!
skittle science
Look at the skittle!
Brilliant work Joseph.
Super skittle work.
A lovely pattern.
Wow! Look at Remington's story.
Lots of great English skills.
Well done Remington.
Practising making symmetrical patterns.
A great life cycle of a plant Remington.
Good maths work!
What a super daisy chain Hollie!
Fun in the garden.
Working hard !
Relaxing time.
Ava's yummy cake!
A great story map.
Hattie's brilliant story.
More of Hattie's story.
The ending of Hattie's story. Well done!

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