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Thursday 7th May

Hi Year Two!

Tomorrow ,Friday 8th May is the 75th Anniversary of VE day !


1. Handwriting

Complete page 31 in the handwriting booklet. This also includes some phonics/spelling work so is very good practise. 

2. Spelling test

Have a practise of the spellings for this week and then ask a grown-up to test you. The words for this week are,

should        would         could        great       break       steak       grass

            pass              class

There are only 9 words so your grown-up could choose a word from last week and check that you've remembered how to spell it.




No writing needed.

Before you start can you summarise the first 2 chapters and explain to your grown-up what has happened in the story up to this point ?

Listen to and follow chapter 3. Choose 3 words that you would like clarifying. Discuss them with your grown-up.


Read and follow Chapter 3. Ask a grown-up to find the right place. It is on 8 mins 27 seconds.

Maths-  (Our money work will continue next week)


1 - Practise your five times tables with the Supermovers.

2 - Have a go at the mixture of maths questions below. Then check your answers by clicking on the star.

Remember you can draw to be sure!

Maths Questions

VE day activities

Below are a couple of videos and a powerpoint for you to watch and read, all about VE day. The third video shows you how you could make a VE day poster. If you watch carefully you can see a good way of drawing the Union Jack flag too.

Have a look at the activities and choose some to have a go at!

Enjoy you day off for VE day!

VE Day - explained for children.

Author Andrew Powell-Thomas explains why VE Day is important in a simple and easy to understand way for children. For FREE online resources linked to this pl...

Miss Green's Assembly about VE Day

Miss Green tells you about what life was like for children during the war and how their lives were about to change because of VE day.

A powerpoint all about VE day. Click below.

How to draW a VE day poster

VE DAY POSTER IDEA. How to draw a VE Day poster.

Some VE day activities to choose from.

  1.  Design a poster similar to the one in the video.
  2. Use lego to make a VE day model , such as a flag , or an aeroplane etc.
  3.  Draw around something round like a small plate and make a design for a VE day celebration medal.
  4.  Or design a coin that celebrates VE day.
  5.  Make some VE day bunting or some Union Jack flags to put in your window.
  6.  Lots of people had parties planned for VE day but these cannot go ahead because of the lockdown.  However if you were having a party, what food would you like to have? Create a menu showing the different food for your imaginary VE Day party. 
  7. Make a fact sheet about VE day.
  8.  You might have heard of Captain Tom who raised nearly thirty three million pounds for the NHS by walking around his garden. Last week he turned 100 years old! He was in the British Army during World War 2. You could find out about his life and make a fact sheet all about him.
  9.  Use an atlas or an online map to look at Europe. Make a list of all the countries that are in Europe today. 
  10.  I really like the last two videos. The first one is some children from another school singing some popular songs from the time of World War 2 and the second one is a song all about being a child during World War 2. Have a listen and join in!

World War II songs - Swinemoor Primary School

At Swinemoor Primary School children in year 5/6 have been studying WW II and have learned an arrangement of songs typical of that era. Listen out for childr...

This is a song all about being a child in World War 2. It has some good photos and you can join in with the words. Worth a listen!

An original song from Primary Songs ideal for teaching school children - with a 'Big Band', Glenn Miller feel that's great for your World War 2 history topic...

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