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One of the things that Foundation Stage ,Year 1 and Year 2  children learn  in school is all about the different seasons.

1 - Listen to the seasons song to remind yourself of the seasons and their names.

2 - Click on the link below and follow the BBC clips lesson.

3 - Watch the video and see if you know which season the different images are showing.

1 - The Seasons Song

2 - Click for the BBC clips lesson about the seasons.

3 - Watch the video and work out the different seasons.

TASK - Click below to see a picture of the outline of 4 trees.

Can you make a picture that shows 4 trees and what they look like in the 4 different seasons?

Label  them spring, summer , autumn, winter.

Think about what the trees look like at the different tmes of the year.

You can look at the help sheets below to help you.

Help sheets showing trees in the different seasons.

Needs adult supervision. A scavenger hunt for inside. Can you find all of these things?

The Season (Short Film) A story with no words .

The Season tells the story of a leaf and an acorn who fall in love. Two simple objects have the power to deliver such a beautiful tale, from Director William...

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