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Thursday 26th March 2020

Good Morning Year 2!


  • starter - practise counting in steps of 3 up to 36. Remember to start at 0 (nod your head for 0) and then use your fingers as you count. When you get to 30 do an air punch for 33 and 36.                                      
  • 0 ( NOD HEAD AS YOU SAY IT)  3  6  9  12  15  18  21  24  27  30  (USE FINGERS TO COUNT EACH MULTIPLE OF 3) 33 36 ( AIR PUNCH)    Do this a few times. 
  • Now complete page 56 to help you count in 3s. 


  • Next have a go at pages 34 and 35 . These are all about getting you to think mathematically and being able to explain your working out. Record your thinking in your exercise book . Draw and write anything that shows your answers.



  • Page 128 - Spot Mr Whoops' Mistakes . Can you find all the mistakes in the short text below where it says Activity 1? Underline,circle or highlight the words that you think are not spelt correctly. Write them underneath correctly. Remember you can look at the list of Year 1 and 2 words on the previous page to help you.
  • Complete the next page in the handwriting booklet. Page 6



Today we are going to find out about food chains.

Have a look below at the pdf. document and the short video clip.

Science Videos - Food Chain - Kids Second Grade

A short video about food chains.

Take a page in your exercise book.

Can you draw and label  a food chain for a barn owl? By putting these in the correct order.


dead leaves

barn owl

worms and insects

shrew (a bit like a mouse with a long , pointy nose and tiny eyes)


Remember to start with the plant and end with the barn owl.


If you are not sure how to do this look at the picture below. Where I have drawn the squares you can draw the living things in the correct order. Remember to write underneath what they are.





Today's joke.

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear!

Listen to Miss Shepherd reading some tongue twisters. These are on page 47 so you can read along at home with me!

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