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Thursday 21st January

Yesterday you received your logins to Seesaw (let me know if you didn't).

I am looking forward to seeing all your work, lesson by lesson, shared with me on Seesaw! Please use it to send me messages and ask questions too.

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Please read with an adult for 20 minutes today. Remember to record your reading in your yellow reading diary. You can read your school books , books from home or read a book on Oxford Owl (see the link below)

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username       best

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Go to the Oxford Owl ebook library and choose from the ages 4 - 7 or 7 - 9


►Good morning and today's timetable.

Good Morning Year 2

Before you start your maths lesson.

Complete the form below.

This information will be used in some of our maths lessons next week when we will be starting some work on statistics. (Collecting data and making and reading tally charts , pictograms and block diagrams.)



►Maths starter.

Practice your tens times tables with the Supermovers.




Today you will need 2 pieces of A4 paper.

Over the next few days in our English lessons we are going to be finding out about bicycle safety and making an information booklet. We will be adding a bit of writing each day so keep it safe.


1 - Watch the short video to get you thinking about bicycle safety.


2 - Click on Miss Shepherd's lesson to find out what to do.

Click below for the English lesson. It looks blank but is there!

English Year 2

Click below for a word bank and some ideas for the front cover's title.

Some help about helmets. (click on the image to make it bigger)

These are the Year 2 common exception words we have practiced this week.

We will have a spelling test on Friday.

could  should  would

move  prove  improve

great  break  steak




Today we are going to find out what a habitat is.

Click below for your science lesson.

Science lesson and work





Every Thursday we have a PE lesson with Mr Revin.

Remember it is really important to keep active.

Below there are 2 different activities to have a go at . The second video has some really good ideas and all you need is some paper!

Physical Education at home - Paper Fitness


►The next part of our story

Time for the next part of our story

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