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Friday 15th January

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Please read with an adult for 20 minutes today. Remember to record your reading in your yellow reading diary. You can read your school books , books from home or read a book on Oxford Owl (see the link below)

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Go to the Oxford Owl ebook library and choose from the ages 4 - 7 or 7 - 9


►Good morning and our timetable

Good morning and the timetable

A Friday morning song for you! Don't forget to watch Mr Smyton's assembly after 2 pm.

Click here to fill in the Year 2 quiz and let me know how you are doing.smiley



The maths lesson below is for everyone. There are no worksheets because the work is displayed on the screen as part of the lesson. 

(different levels)

If you would like more maths work to have a go at today , please go to the maths challengesmiley

Maths lesson for Year 2 with Miss Shepherd

►Click below for the maths challenge.



Year 2 writing

Troll speech bubble . Can be printed off or used to help you set your work out.



Let's practice those Year 2 words!

This week's words if you want to have a little practice before you join in the spelling lesson.

find    mind    kind

pass     class    grass

child      children

bath     path   (new ones)

Spelling time


Golden Time  smileyyessmiley

Every Friday afternoon we have a Golden Time. This is our time to have some free choice and choose what we would like to do. We use construction kits , dress up , do colouring , cutting and sticking , make things and lots more!

Have your own Golden Time at home.

You deserve it!!!!


►Time for our last story of the week.

Time for a story - Year 2


► Assembly with Mr Smyton

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