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Tuesday 12th May 2020

Good Morning Year 6 smiley

I hope all went well for you yesterday with the GPS papers.


We are going to start the day with some normal maths questions, then have some exercise to oxygenate the brain, and then complete the Reading Paper 2019 after break time.



Morning Maths - brush up on a variety of skills and keep those cogs turning.

Make sure you have had something to eat, had a drink and have either exercised and/or had some fresh air. Let's begin the reading paper. As always, you must complete this task using whichever strategy works best for you: read the 1st text and then answer the questons, then 2nd text and then answer those questios and so on, or you can read the first questions, then read the first text and then answer those questions. Then read the second questions, read the second text and then answer those questions. Then, finally read the third questions, the third text, and then answer the questions. You know what has worked best for you in class.

Once completed, your parents can e-mail me for the answer booklet if they wish.


Now have a break, relax and unwind. Get some fresh air if the weather is nice, have lunch and then join me back here after 1pm.


As you enjoyed the Dad Lab and other Science activities - I thought I would find some more for you. smiley

By the way, how did the egg experiments go?

Was anyone successful with the 2nd egg experiment? 

What a weird texture the egg was without its hard shell.

Did it go into the bottle neck and down into the bottle or jar?

Ok Y6, a bit of forward thinking/forward shopping - see if you can get at least 3 packets of yeast by Friday.

I have a wonderful WOW activity for Friday - more details on Friday. :) I am going to try it too! angel


Now, today's 2 activities involve eggs (what more eggs Ms H?surprise) and colour (what more colour Ms H? surprise) with Skittles - any excuse for some sweets! wink You may want to leave this one until after you have been shopping - you could do it on Friday with the yeast activity.


For the first activity you need to think where would be the best place to carryout this activity and also plastic wide rimmed beakers would be much safer than glasses! cool No, not that sort of glasses the other sort! enlightened


Watch the video clip, ask an adult and gather the equipment you think you need. Practise the skills needed carefully. Record how many goes it takes. You may get one out of three eggs in a beaker, then 2 eggs in two beakers and then with plenty of practising you may be successful with all three eggs!


If you haven't got three toilet rolls tubes, maybe you could make some out of stiff rolled up paper (several layers) or card.

Just the first experiment up until 36 seconds of the clip - skill and accuracy needed. The last activity from 4:09 min looks interesting too - why does that happen?

ACTIVITY 2 - can you make the colours of the rainbow meet in the middle - how many different colour shades can you create. Does it always make the same pattern? What is the least amount of Skittles you can use and still make all the colours meet and merge?

Melting Skittles Rainbow Designs Experiment!


select your preferred book, or click on one of the many links provided on the previous days.

Here is the next chapter in the Quests of Epica:

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