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Wednesday 3rd March 




Art Doodle || How To Draw A Word Art || Doodle Art || Easy Drawing For Kids || Drawing With Pens

Some doodle art inspiration to keep you busy when you need a break!



CGP workout 8

Answer video

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Add 2 or more fractions

♦PURPLE - Challenge Question/Mini extension 

Click on the link below for the extension task questions. 

Answers for the extension task

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Miss Kaur explains today’s English lesson

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Time to take your story mountain about your Egyptian fairytale and begin to write it as a story! Don’t worry too much about adding lots of details, today we just need a story outline ☺️



It’s reading time, 

You can carry on with Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon or star the book of the week, The Good Thieves. 


I have attached the links 

Click here                                                                           Click here





Science week activities

Click on the video to hear more about the four choices you have for your activity today

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