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Monday 20th April 2020

Good morning Year 4!

Click on the link to hear me (Miss Kaur)

Welcome back Year 4! 


I hope you've enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL sunshine we have been so fortunate to have over the Easter break. I have even managed to get a little tan (but... not as much as my brother!)


I'm sure you're as surprised as I am that we will not be returning to school today! 

As many of you are aware, we are continuing with home learning for 3 more weeks. It has been a strange start for all of us, teachers, parents and you. But I would like to start with a BIG thank you to all of you for being so hard working and giving home learning your best go! I can imagine it is very different to being at school with the teachers and your friends. I am however excited to see where this unique experience will take us, I'm looking forward to creating some very exciting, different and fun learning for us all! 


Today I have planned; 

Morning work - Times Table Rock Stars 

English/Computing - Message for your friends/teachers 

Maths - Addition and Subtraction 

Topic - Introduction to Britain through the Ages 

D&T (extra option/wow lesson) - Anglo-Saxon baking

Story - David Walliams (

Morning work 


Please log in to Times table Rock stars and spend 10-15 minutes 'refreshing' your times table skills.  


Usually on our first day back, the classroom/area would be buzzing with all the 'Hellos!' and 'How was...?', to the point where I'd normally have to remind you 'We are back at school and 'normal' classroom rules apply'! It has been a long time for us and some of you since you last heard from some of your friends. 

I thought it would be a fun activity for you to write a script, for your friends to hear from you blush

It doesn't need to be much, 

  1. A hello to everyone
  2. Information about how you are doing
  3. Are you missing school/enjoying home learning? 
  4. Have you had a good Easter/what was one highlight of it? (it would have been usual for us all, so what did you do to fill the time, did you have a family competition, challenge, build something?) 


Then have a go at recording yourself speaking! To do this, please talk to a grown-up first. (Remember I have always said I don't like hearing recordings of myself, so it may be strange for you too)  


One easy way to do this is to download a free app onto your phone or tablet. Click on the link below for instructions how to do this for Android Devices and Apple Devices.

You may have other ways to record your voice too....such as using the Voice Recorder on your laptop (Click the Windows icon/Start Button and look for Voice Recorder or Sound Recorder) or on your Fire tablet. (see app store).

I would like you to record an audio clip to share with your classmates, me, Mrs Ellul and Mr Hill. 

Remember you can just give a hello message; share some news; tell a joke; sing a song - whatever you fancy/or take a picture of your script.

Record one or two and when you have one you are happy with then email it to me and I will share it on our webpage for everyone to hear smiley

How to record an audio clip

Maths starter


Have a go at my 'lemon curd' number bond sheet. 

The challenge is to complete it in 3 and a half minutes! (It's tricky!)



Still image for this video
Click on the video to re cap on formal methods for addition and subtraction


Choose your option and remember to read the symbol carefully! 

Option 1 

423 + 321 = 

342 - 133 = 

857 + 124 = 

947 - 339 = 

583 - 347 = 

3329 - 421 = 


Option 2 

349 + 421 = 

847 - 639 = 

1734 + 4921 = 

4270 + 8842 =

8471 - 3817 = 

9245 - 2849 = 


Option 3 

4721 + 4921 = 

5732 + 4755 = 

9182 - 2817 = 

8372 + 9924 = 

10,430 - 4726 = 

13,482 - 9374 = 



Today marks our first lesson on our new topic - Britain through the Ages... 

This half term we will be looking at Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. 


Today I want you to look up the synonyms (words that have meanings that are similar or relating to) settlers and invaders








I would then like you to check the meanings of these words. 

Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

Still image for this video
Watch the video clip and see if you can create a mind map to show all that you know about the Anglo-Saxons (don't do any more research!)

Finally look at the link below to help you to add in some extra information about the Anglo-Saxons to add to your mind map



Design and Technology


To introduce our topic I thought it might be fun to do some Anglo-Saxon themed baking! 

Choose which one you'd like, shortbread or oat cakes. 


Have fun! 

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