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Alternative Home Learning Ideas

Below is a list of ideas for other learning that could be happening at home...


Life Skills

  • Tying a shoelace
  • Using a knife and fork correctly
  • Being able to do and undo a range of different fastenings (buttons, zips, poppers etc)
  • Learn left and right
  • Learning a new craft like knitting or sewing
  • Learn how to fold clothes (and put them away!)
  • Making a packed lunch
  • Looking after a garden

Writing Skills

  • Learn to write home address, full name
  • Shopping lists
  • Postcards/ Letters to relatives
  • Birthday cards
  • Posters
  • Tickets to a household event – Movie Night etc.
  • Jokes
  • Riddles
  • Write a review of a book/game/film etc to share with a friend (remotely)
  • Make a treasure hunt with a map and written clues
  • Write a list of your favourite books, games, TV shows, toys etc – can you rewrite the list in alphabetical order?
  • What am I? Choose a topic like animals or food.  Write some clues for someone to guess what you are. You could write the answer on a post-it note (if you have any) and they can wear it on their head until they guess!

Spelling Skills

  • Write out letters/sounds/whole words in: sand, flour, shaving foam, with a squirty bottle of water on the floor outside, chalk…anything you can think of!
  • Make letters/sounds/whole words from playdoh, with letters cut out of magazines, sticks, pipe cleaners, play doh, pasta…anything you can think of!
  • Access Spelling games on a tablet or computer
  • Use magnetic letters or scrabble tiles to make the words

Phonics Skills

  • Play ‘I spy’ looking for words that begin with a certain sound
  • Write out some sounds on pieces of paper- can you splat them with your hand when I say them? Or get the child to say them and then splat.  Spread them out on the floor and get the child to jump on the correct sound
  • Access Phonics games on a tablet or computer
  • Go on a treasure hunt for different objects starting with a particular sound – can you find objects that end with a particular sound?
  • If you have a sandpit write the sounds out and bury them, can the child dig them up and say the sound correctly?

Reading Skills

  • Reading recipes
  • Reading instructions for games, on seed packets etc
  • Reading to a younger sibling (if you have one!)
  • Reading clues on a treasure hunt
  • Research a famous person/character etc
  • Play Bingo or make your own by writing out some words on pieces of paper and making some bingo cards to match to.

Maths Skills

  • Learn to tell the time using an analogue clock
  • Learn the days of the week and months of the year in order
  • Learn useful time facts – 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week etc.
  • Money – learn the value of coins, play shops etc
  • Weights and measures – weigh out ingredients for a cake, measure the length of different objects in the house, time how long it takes to do something, how far can you jump? Use a tape measure or pace it out
  • Card games – lots of ideas here:
  • Board games like Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, any that use a dice
  • Learn compass directions
  • Ordering objects smallest/shortest to biggest/longest, using 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc

Problem Solving Skills

  • Can you design/make/build a bridge to cross a river?
  • Can you design/make/build a trap for something/someone?
  • Make up a game for your family to play
  • Design your own classroom/theme park/zoo… whatever you like!
  • Do a jigsaw puzzle
  • Building a den

Physical Skills

  • Riding a bike
  • Skipping with a rope
  • Hop on one foot (then swap!)
  • Jump with both feet together
  • Obstacle courses to improve gross motor skills
  • Picking up small objects with tweezers
  • Balancing something on your head!

Get active!

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