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WEEK 16/11




To receive feedback on your learning please email your class teacher each day with a message as to how you got on. If you attach work or include photos of work they will be able to see how you got on.

Email:  Miss Shepherd:



Please read every day smiley

Count money - pounds


It is our spelling test today have a practise of your words for this week and then ask a grown-up to test you.

We are reading some of the Katie Morag stories by Mairi Hedderwick in our English lessons as part of our topic work 'An island adventure'

1-Have another listen to Katie Morag and the big boy cousins. See below.

2- Then complete the sentences below.

The story is set on _______________________________.

The main charcters in the story are ________________________________.

My favourite part of the story is when_________________________ because______________________.

The story ends with________________________________________________. 



Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins


Watch the short video to recap on all the split digraphs.

Then click on the split digraph activity.

Split Digraphs


Click below for a science lesson linked to our work on materials.


Aut2.10.1 - Count money - pence


Click below and work through the recap all about nouns.

Then have a go at the task by clicking on the noun activity. 

Copy the three columns onto paper and then see if you can find at least 6 nouns for each column.


Mr Thorne Does Phonics - dg dge

Click below for the 'dge' activity.

No writing needed.

Read each sentence and decide which of the 'dge' words would be the best one for the sentence.

dge words activity


Today we have PE.

Try and be active and get some exercise.

You could have a go at the exercise session below.

Kids workout 1


Below is a link to a geography lesson. It recaps on the countries of the UK and looks at some of the main landmarks of each country.




Click below for your maths work.


Dictated sentences. 

You will need your adult to say the sentences. 

Listen to the sentence.

Repeat the sentence a couple of times. 

Count the words.

Write the sentence.

Be a brave speller and have a go at the words.

Remember a capital letter and full stop.

Do you know which word is the noun?


Click below for the sentences.



Click below for your phonics work.


Today we are looking at a map of the Isle of Struay, the island where Katie Morag lives.

Click below for a map of the island.

Look carefully at the map discuss it with your adult.

What can you see?

Can you find the post office where Katie Morag lives?

Can you find where Grannie Island lives?


You could have a go at drawing your own map of the Isle of Struay .

Click here for a map of the Isle of Struay.



Good Morning!

I hope that you had a nice weekend.

Look below for today's learning.


Please select either the blue option or the green option , your teacher has let you know which colour to choose.


Today in our English lesson we are learning about nouns.

1- Click on the link below and remind yourself about nouns.

2- Can you make a list of 10 nouns by looking at the things in your house ?


Here is my example of some of the things in our classroom.(all these words are nouns)

1- whiteboard

2- books

3 - tables

4 - pencil




Please select either the blue option  or the green option, your teacher has let you know which colour to choose.


This week is anti-bullying week. We have already thought about this a little bit when we had a our odd socks day in school and celebrated that everyone is unique (different)

Read through the powerpoint with your grown-up and discuss the different slides. Click the link below for the powerpoint.

Think about what makes a good friend.

Can you make a poster about being kind and a good friend to others?

Click here for the anti-bullying powerpoint.

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