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Today we are going to be looking at tracing and copying words and sentences for our morning work. Below is a PDF document of your worksheet so you can download and print it if you wish to. 



In the video below Miss Martin and George are talking you through a phonics lesson just like the ones we have in school. In the video Miss Martin and George will introduce you to a new phase 5 sound each day and re-cap the phase 3 and 4 flashcards. For the lesson you will need either a whiteboard and pen or a piece of paper an a pen or pencil. Enjoy! laugh

Phonics with Miss Martin and George


► RE

This term we are going to be looking at special books. In today's lesson we are going to be looking in more detail at the Holy Bible.


Miss Martin has made a video talking through the presentation if you would like to watch that instead of reading it through with your grown-up. However, if you don't want to watch this you can look through the presentation below and complete the workseet, remember to save it to show Miss Martin later.

Holy books -The Christian Bible talked through by Miss Martin

Your work for today is to watch the story of Noah's ark and to use the sequencing cards below to make a sequence of the story. Can you remember how the story happened?

Noah's Ark Bible Story


► PE

Usually on a Thursday morning you would have PE with Mr Revan, so today we are going to be doing some PE at home. In school you would be moving on to invasion games (Basketball, football etc). Today we are going to be looking at some great skills. In this video,Neymar has so many different moves that he uses to outsmart the opponent, have a look at the video and see how you get on.


The skills covered in today's PE lesson will be:


1. Boxing - inside push-out

2. Outside cut to inside cut

3. Fake pass to sidestep

4. Rainbow flick

5. Combo


Give them a try and see how you get on smiley



In today's English lesson we are going to have a lesson similar to yesterday. Yesterday you looked closely at Mrs. Armitage's bicycle labeled the different parts of it. Today we are going to look at the art we did Wednesday and do exactly what we did yesterday for Mrs.Armitage's bike for our own creations. 


I would like to you label your bicycle that you designed and created by telling me all the fun and wacky parts that your creation has. Just like yesterday when we looked at and labelled Mrs.Armitage's bicycle. Below is an example of Miss Martin labelling the bicycle that she designed.

English explained and modelled by Miss Martin

Still image for this video



BLUE WORK - back 1 step challenge

GREEN WORK - regular challenge

PURPLE WORK - forward 1 step challenge

These levels of differentiation, for some pieces of learning, will ensure that your child can access teaching and learning that is pitched correctly for them. If you are not sure which colour to do then please email Miss Martin to check.


► STORY TIME!laugh

Around the world read by Miss Martin and George

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