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Thursday 14th May 2020

Good Morning Year 6!


Let's kick off the day with some GPS


Quick Maths - 5 a Day

Wake Up, Shake Up with Joe - or use for PE this afternoon.

Last one Year 6 - Paper 3: Maths Reasoning - the final paper. Give it your best shot.


Today, as part of our Evolution, Inheritance and Adaptation work, we are going to learn about fossils.

Fossils are all around us - many of them are found in the soil in the garden, or parks and flowerbeds nearby. Maybe you and your family could get a trowel or small spade and a bucket, ask your adult to select a suitable place to dig. Fossils come in all shapes and sizes.

Here is one that Mickey found - what might it have been many years ago? 



Fossils Reading Comprehension

Fossils Comprehension

If you fancy being creative; some ART ideas - it links with our sketching of faces/portraits recently but with a twist!


You could link this idea to fit with animals morphed with humans - a little like our Misfits pictures we drew much earlier in the year. Can you morphed characteristics of people and/or animals to make a new breed?


See if you have some magazines, newspapers, junk mail flyers, print off images, or old photos (ask first) - possibly duplicates or blurred not so good ones that will never make it into the photo album.


Watch 'Mr the Beef' - (I think he has been morphed already!! surprise

Click here:


Let's sing some silly stuff to celebrate that all the assessments are done and the weekend is nearly here!


Please select a book of your own or from one of the many links on the yellow reading star on the main Y6 page.

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