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Friday 15th May 2020

Good Morning Year 6!

The weekend is nearly here laugh

Celebration Assembly - it's that time of the week again....

Let's start the morning with some GPS work:

Wake Up, Shake Up With Joe

Y6 - Compare and order fractions - Listen carefully to the lesson, read the questions carefully.

Flashback Maths - Costs, Cacti and Cookies - ignore the date on the front cover.

I promised some more Science for Friday. Did you know elephants brushed their teeth? How on Earth do they manage to hold the toothbrush with their huge, chunky, flat feet? Did you manage to get some yeast earlier in the week?



This afternoon, just when your adults are starting to feel a little worn out by this week and all the demands, I would like you to do 5 things without being asked e.g. clear away the breakfast things, empty the dishwasher later in the day, tidy and sort all your toys and games, clean your bedroom, fetch everyone a drink and a biscuit/slice of cake without being told, offer to help prepare tea with your adult.


Your PSHE mission is to share the gift of giving without your adult realising what you are doing - be a secret gift-giver. 

Sometimes we might feel we do not have much to give, but your time and attention; given without anyone asking or prompting you, is the best gift you can give.

Do 5 jobs/things you know will be appreciated so that everybody can relax and look forward to the weekend - it's almost here!

Your adults have been working hard too - they deserve to be pampered. heart angel heart


Play some relaxing music quietly in the background, grab a good book or click on the reading links star on the main Y6 page, snuggle down and let your mind drift away into the world of your book - where will it take you?


Have a lovely weekend Year 6 :)

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