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Have you learnt the Year 2 poem yet? Hattie has memorised the poem and you can listen to her by clicking the link below. Very well done Hattie you were the first person to get back to me!

1. Spellings

Our spellings for this week.

Practise them everyday , ready for a test on Friday.


These ones are the trickier ones from the Year 1 list

school     where        friend        were  


These ones are from the Year 2 list

many     sure      sugar     whole     hour    climb

2. Alphabetical order

Yesterday we looked at putting words into alphabetical order using the first letter. But what if the first letter is the same?

If the first letter is the same then we have to use the second letter of the words.

Look at the example below

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z


All these words have the same first letter 

dragonfly         dog        duck      dingo


Put into alphabetical order using the second letter    

dingo        dog       dragonfly     duck      

All about alphabetical order

Click here for the alphabetical ordering work. Like yesterday write the animals in alphabetical order but today you are going to use the second letters of the words.

3. Handwriting

Choose a sheet from your handwriting booklet and complete it carefully and neatly. Make sure thst you use your best handwriting!

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