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Thursday 21st May 2020

Bug hotels and pictures from the class

Good morning Year 4! 


Can you believe we have just tomorrow and then it's Half Term? Hasn't time flown by?! 


Our plan for today: 

Morning work - TTRS 

English - Plan a saga 

Maths - Compare decimals

Topic - Evaluate our topic 

Story - How to Train your Dragon 


Want something else
Rob Biddulph is trying to break a world record for the worlds biggest LIVE art lesson... 

Morning task 

Please log in to Times table Rock stars and spend 10-15 minutes to keep 'refreshing' your times table skills.  


Plan your own Viking SAGA! 


A saga is a Viking word which means adventure... What kind of adventure could your character go on? 

We've done a tale about Dragons... So let's do something different? 

I've got some ideas for you (tales that I have found...) 

  • Beowulf and Grendel and the Monster of the night 
  • Eric and the sea monster 
  • How Eric and his men turned to stone 
  • The eye of the Viking God 
  • The sword of the Viking King 
  • The Hand of the Viking Warrior  


Click on the BBC Radio link to listen to some different sagas 


Create a story mountain and use pictures/diagrams to help you to organise your ideas. 



Today we're going to revisit comparing numbers and applying it to our growing knowledge of decimals. 

I'm sure you'll all do brilliantly at this! 


Remember to go through the Powerpoint Presentation first and then complete the task and only do the extension IF you want to! 


For our topic lesson today, I want you to make another audio file for me, this time as well as saying hi to your friends/class mates and the teachers (myself, Mrs Ellul and Mr Hill) and telling us how you are doing, tell us a joke or sing.


I would like you to tell us three highlights / activities you have enjoyed during our topic 'Anglo-Saxons and Vikings'... 


Then have a go at recording yourself speaking again! To do this, please talk to a grown-up first. (Remember how I first said I really didn't like hearing myself on the audio files, well it get's better the more you do it... )  


I have included the instructions again for parents 

Click on the link below for instructions how to do this for Android Devices and Apple Devices.

You may have other ways to record your voice too....such as using the Voice Recorder on your laptop (Click the Windows icon/Start Button and look for Voice Recorder or Sound Recorder) or on your Fire tablet. (see app store).


Record one or two and when you have one you are happy with then email it to me and I will share it on our webpage for everyone to hear tomorrow! laugh 


How to record an audio clip

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 13

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 14

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