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Mon 11/1




I hope you all had a good weekend and got out and about, even with the frost and fog on Saturday? 

We would normally start our Monday morning with a mindfulness/wellbeing check in, so I have have created a form for you to complete, just like we do with our thumbs in the hall on a Monday morning.  Please complete it and remember, I am always at the end of my email if I can help in any way.

Please click on the link below.

This week were are going to start learning about rivers, as this starts our journey finding out about how transport and movement has developed and progressed over time.  We have some Geography, Science, Art and English all linked to rivers and water.

Year 5 – Monday 11th January 2021

Morning starter



20 mins independent reading






Mindfulness through yoga.

Mental Maths warm up


Multiplication area model activity (part 2)

Rushing rivers (features of a non-fiction text)



Stig of the Dump Chapter 3


Monday slide

Rivers and seas of the UK





      ► Mental starter
Today's Maths activity is for bluegreen and purple challenges.  It is the second part of the learning that you completed on Friday.  Watch the video carefully, pause it and have a go along the way.  Have a pencil and paper available to complete the 'have a go' sections.  

An extra example of the area model

Mrs Dunford explains the worksheet

Blue - complete questions 5, 6 and 7 

Green - complete questions 5, 6, 7 and 8

Purple - complete all questions.

Purple challenge



In today's lesson you are going to watch 2 videos about a non-fiction text called 'Rushing Rivers'.  There are lots of questions to complete along the way with the teacher, so please make sure you have a pencil and paper alongside you.  Those answers can be photographed and emailed to me as your evidence of learning.  Please then complete the quiz to show your understanding of features of a non-fiction text.



Stig of the Dump - Chapter 3



Blue grammar slide
Green and purple grammar slide



This afternoon, we are learning the names and locations of the main rivers and seas in the UK.  I have included a video clip that goes through the locations and names of the rivers.  Using a picture of the UK from an atlas I will talk you through some more information.


The website link below is a fantastic source of information about all aspects of Geography, but I have included the link that will take you directly to some facts about rivers. 


Once you have looked through all the information, complete the table of the top 10 rivers in the UK along with the 4 surrounding seas.  You do not have to print the sheet, you could draw the table onto paper and complete it or simply list them, photograph it and email it to me.


There's always google earth and maps to help too.

Locate and name major rivers in the UK.

Still image for this video

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