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In the story I love you, blue kangaroo, The little girl has a favourite toy which is the blue kangaroo. Do you have any favourite toys? Today we are going to be thinking about our favourite toys, go and fetch your favourite toy and talk to your grown-up about why it is your favourite toy and what makes it so special to you.


Your first job to do today is to draw your favourite toy in your Yellow books, don't forget to colour it in and make it look just like your toy.


After you have done this I would like you to describe your toy using adjectives, can you remember what an adjective is? If not look at the song below to refresh your brains. Write the adjectives to describe your toy around the picture you have just drawn.


Finally, can you use these adjectives to write a few sentences describing your favourite toy. For example, My teddy is huge, brown and has soft fur. My teddy has two bright green eyes that sparkle.

What is an Adjective

Learn about adjectives in this adjective song for kids. Learn that adjectives describe nouns in this song about adjectives.

English extension tasks:

If you feel you would like a challenge or more practice with adjectives, please complete Activity 1: Let's be descriptive on the BBC bitesize webpage underneath the video.

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