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Morning Year 5! 

I hope you are all ready for some fantastic learning and activities?  Our termly topic is called 'Time Travellers' and we will be looking at how transport, among other things, has developed and changed over time.  We will begin this week by thinking about familiar inventions and their impact.  




Mental Maths warm up - complete the 5 questions, jotting your answers on paper. ~You can then check your answers.

Now watch this teaching video...



We are going to begin our English learning this term looking at inventions and inventors. Watch the BBC clip about Ben Board, who is an inventor.  There's lots of information in the clip about the history of significant inventions and inventors.

Your task:

I would like you to; firstly write a paragraph about the invention you feel is the most important and that has had the most significant impact on the developing world.  You could research when, where, why and by whom it was created and then detail how you feel the world has benefitted because of the invention.

Then I would like you to write about the most significant invention to you.  This will be a lot more specific and personal to you and your life.  It could be something you use everyday that you can't live without.  Explain why it is so important to your everyday life.

Still image for this video



Our spelling rule for this week is for words ending ‘-cial’ and ‘-tial’. After a vowel ‘-cial’ is most common and ‘-itial’ after a consonant but there are many exceptions.

Use the look/cover/write/check method to practise the words and then have a go at the word search using the words.  If there are any words you are unsure of, check their definition in a dictionary.



Each day I will put a grammar task online for you to complete.  They are the same format as the ones we have completed previously in class.  Write your answers on a piece of paper.  You can then check your answers.



I know you were all looking forward to getting back to our French learning this term.   Today were are learning to pronounce and order the months of the year.  Watch the video and work with Alexa to practise the months in French.


► STORY - Stig of the Dump by Clive King

Stig of the Dump - Chapter 1

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