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Monday 8th February

Tomorrow is 'Safer Internet Day' , this is a day when we remind ourseleves how to stay safe and smart when we are online.

At 11am on 9th February on the CBBC channel there is a live lesson aimed at primary-aged pupils and linked to the primary computing curriculum. You will learn about how we can stay safe, responsible and wise in an increasingly digital world.



►Good morning and today's timetable

Good Morning



Read, follow and explore the text with Miss Shepherd.

►Spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Practice some of the Year 2 words for this week , keep that contraction work ticking over and look at the sound wr at the beginning of words.

1 - Follow the lesson with Miss Shepherd.

2- Complete the wr activities below.


Make sure that you join in with the spelling lesson below.

Year 2 , when I checked my lesson last night I realised that towards the end I have made a mistake! You might notice it.

I say that shipwreck is a homophone but we know it's a compound word don't we? A word that is made from two words .

I do apologise but wanted you to know before you started the lesson.




1- Join in with the maths starter.

2- Watch the teaching video and complete the maths questions , this work is for all Year 2 children. I have also included a shape maths lesson from Year 1 for those children who feel a recap would be helpful.

3- Feeling confident? Stretch your maths brain and have a go at the maths challenge.

Maths Starter. Join in the shape game with Miss Shepherd

Can you name the shapes?

Teaching video


Join in the handwriting lesson with Miss Shepherd

New Recording - 07/02/2021, 21:28:39




Last week we started to find out about old trains and we watched a video that showed us how a steam train worked. Today we are going to find out about a man called George Stephenson.

1- Listen to the lesson to find out about George Stephenson.

2- Look at the short video to see 'The Rocket' , which is now in a museum in York.

3- Complete the topic work.

George Stephenson

Now it's time to complete your topic work. Click below for the sheets. If you don't have a printer you can create your own fact sheet using the one below to help you.

First I would like you to complete the fact sheet about George Stephenson.

You will see the word significant this means very important so you have to think about why George Stephenson was very important. You may have to go back through the lesson to help you.

After you have completed this work neatly and carefully  , you are going to have a go at drawing a very careful and detailed picture of George Stephenson's Rocket by looking at the picture to help you. Make sure that you give your picture a title.

Click below for the George Stephenson task and the picture of 'The Rocket'



The Smeds and the Smoos by Julia Donaldson.

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