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Week 9/11




To receive feedback on your learning please email your class teacher each day with a message as to how you got on. If you attach work or include photos of work they will be able to see how you got on.


If you would like Mr Smyton to see too then please email him too:



Please read for at least 20 minutes each day and record it in your reading diary.

This morning's activity is handwriting - to improve your letter formation; improving your cursive letter joins and the even size of your letters.


Which words, containing the letter 'v,' do you know the definition of ?

Explain, in your own words, your understanding of the meaning of these words.



In school, we are continuing to analyse the Shakespearean text: 'As You Like It'


Yesterday, you analysed the text and clarified the vocabulary, summarising the ;gist' and re-writing it in your own words to gain clarity, meaning and greater comprehension.


Today, we will split the text into three parts and divide the class into three as well; ready for filming and recording next week.


Each group will consider their section and content, and discuss ways to re-enact the parts using actions and gestures via drama conventions.


Can you think of actions to match your interpretation of the text.

Perform to your adult at home and explain why you think your actions are appropriate - justify your actions.


► PLAYTIME - have a healthy snack

Equivalent fractions


We have now completed reading Goodnight Mister Tom and have moved onto a new author.

When reading for pleasure, we are trying new author Jenny Pearson: 

If you have a Kindle, why not ask your adult if they could purchase the book for £2.99 and join us on our reading journey - from home?

Year 6 have really enjoyed the first 4 chapters so far.


This afternoon in RE - we are continuing to learn about Judaism.

Have a go at this task Mrs Muddimer has prepared for you.


Reading 1-1 with your adult.

Then each person pose 5 questions from the text.

Try to include:

one literal question where facts can be extracted off the page,

one inference question; where something is hinted at or suggested,

one clarifying question; check the meaning of a word or a phrase,

make a prediction about what might happen next, or later in the text,

and summarise what has been read in your own words. 



Reason from known facts

► PLAYTIME - have a healthy snack

Either go for a walk, or if too poorly, open the back door or look out of the window with your adult: can you see 2 things for each colour of the rainbow?

Can you see something new?


In school this week we are taking part in Shakespeare fortnight.


We are looking at various drama conventions.

Y6 are looking at 'As You Like It'.


Have a read through the text below.

Unpick the vocabulary; use your dictionary skills and see if you can understand the 'gist' of what is going on.

Then re-write the events and happenings in your own words - in modern day English, so that it makes greater sense to you.



    Can you have a colourful lunch today?  heart

    Can you have at least three different colours on your plate?

    Don't forget plenty of fluids too. wink



Research William Shakespeare - what facts can you find out about him?

Create a fact sheet, fact file or a PowerPoint.

See if you can group facts about him - have sub-headings for the information you find out.

This word mat may help to support you, and may spark some further thinking wink

Here are some facts to get you started - William Shakespeare life facts

Fast finisher: 

See if you can find a portrait image of William Shakespeare.

Use your sketching techniques learnt in school, to shade, tone and effects - create a black (grey) and white portrait.

This could be good as a relaxation and mindfulness exercise.




True or False


Recap - flashback - different ways to calculate mentally - mental calculations

► PLAYTIME - have a healthy snack
Exercise outside or practise some relaxation/meditation indoors for your playtime. :)

Calming Piano & Guitar Music by Soothing Relaxation

Find a comfortable place - lay flat and make sure it is not anywhere you may fall from e.g. edge of the sofa or edge of your bed.
Take several deep breaths: breath in through your nose and gently out through your mouth.
Start at your feet and gently rotate in small circles/movements each body part, one after the other - not all at once, from your toes to your shoulders and head.
Then lie still and listen to your breathing - you may feel your pulse beating and also feel the rise and fall of your chest.
With each breath relax your body a little more - beware! You may fall asleep!

At 11:00 a.m. join us, from home, in two minutes silence in remembrance for the war veterans - let's give thanks for all of those who gave their life so they we could live our life today.

The Last Post (Bugle Call)

Remembrance Day - Why Do We Wear Poppies?

Don't forget the animals who endured the war too!

Watch this beautiful animation.

If you have some watercolours you could pause the video and try to re-create one of the images or scenes.

Beautiful animation sees war as experienced by animals | Poppies - BBC


    Have something to keep your heart healthy heart

    Don't forget plenty of fluids too.



Using the information from this morning's learning slides, as well as the facts and information in the poem below - complete the tasks mentioned below in The Sentry poem by Wilfred Owen.


Then try to write a poem of your own containing the same focus - all four if you can!

You can use any facts or information you have learnt from our World Wars topic or from the Remembrance Day focus.


Illustrate your poem with suitable, apt images to match the content you have chosen.

If you are pleased with it, send me a photo and I will print it off and showcase it on our new gallery display for best pieces of work surprise

If you are twiddling your thumbs and have completed all of the above - just for some art and craft fun!

If you have red Sharpies, or similar, or some red paint - have a go at this!

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