Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Today we are continuing our work on the sound 'igh'.


Go to and login with the username ThythornEYFS and password thythorn.


Go to Buried Treasure and click on the 'igh' sound.


Encourage your child to read the words and say if they are real or fake.


Then ask them to practise writing words with 'igh'


e.g. night






A fright in the night.



Today we are learning about the famous Eric Carle story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Please watch the video below and then talk about all of events in the story.


Create a pictogram of the different fruits in the story and talk about which one has more and which ones have fewer.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film



Use the pictogram which you made earlier as a stimulus for a conversation about which amounts Blockzilla would want to eat.


Write the numbers 0-10 on pieces of paper and then ask your child to pretend to be Blockzilla. which one would they pick?


If they are confident, repeat with numbers to 20.

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