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Monday 6th December

Hello Year 2 ! Here is your home learning for today.

►We have not set any new spellings or homework for the last two weeks of term. 

New spellings and homework will begin after Christmas.


Can you remember how to add 3 one digit numbers?

1.  Watch the short video below which looks at adding 3 one digit numbers.

2. Click the link for the maths work.

Try and complete the first sheet.

If you are confident then have a go at the other questions.

Look for the number bonds that make 10.

Remember if you need to, you can draw the ones to help, or use objects to represent the numbers.

Adding 3 numbers


Make sure that you read for ten to fifteen minutes today.

Below is the link to Oxford Owl where you can select an e-book to read.

Click on Oxford Owl for school.

Username - best

Password - class

Select Oxford Owl e book library and age 4 - 7 years.

There are a variety of books and levels to choose from.



This week we are continuing our work about The Gingerbread Man and really making sure that  we are familiar with the story so that we can plan and write our own versions later in the week.

Below is another version of the story with the text so that you can follow the reading.

1 - Watch the video.

2 - Complete the task to help you think about the different parts of the story.

(Remember you are not writing the story. Try and summarise the beginning, middle and end. EG - The old lady makes a gingerbread man and he jumps out of the oven. The animals , old lady and the old man want to eat the gingerbread man and chase him. He jumps on the fox's back and the fox eats him up.


The Gingerbread Man - Books Alive!


Today we are going to be finding out about The Monument which was built in London to remember The Great Fire of London.

What can you find out about the monument ?

When was it built?

How many steps are there?

How tall is it?

What is at the top?

You could make a fact sheet and draw a picture of The Monument.

Below is a short video about The Monument.



The Monument to the Great Fire of London

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