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Today we are thinking about the different parts of a plant and their uses.


Look at the PowerPoint below and then draw a picture of a flower and label the stem, petals, leaves and roots in your own writing.




Today we are going to see how many sounds you can remember!


Go to and login using username: march20 and password: home. Click on free resources and scroll down until you find a picture of a car entitled Flash Cards Speed Challenge. 

See how many phase 2 and phase 3 (phases 4 and 5 are taught in year 1) sounds your child can recognise. Record the amounts in their book.


I will set the challenge again each week and see if they can improve.





Today we are thinking about number patterns.


First watch the video below about counting in 2s.


After that, write the following number sequences in your child's book and see if they can fill in the gaps.


It may help to write numbers 0-20 at the top of the page for reference.


1) 3, 4, ___, 6, ____

2) 10, ____, 12, 13, ___

3) ___, 16, 17, ___, 19

4) 2, 4, ____, 8, ____

5) 10, 12, ____, 16, ___, ____

6) 3, 5, ____, 9, ____


For an extra challenge, see if your child can write their own patterns for you to complete.



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